Lucille Joseph is one of the founders of the Luminato Festival Toronto where she continues to serve on the board of directors. She is a former Chair of the National Ballet of Canada, and former member of the board of the Walrus Foundation, publisher of Walrus magazine.

Lucille’s business career included over a decade with the Boston Consulting Group in Toronto,  Vice President at BMO (Bank of Montreal), and leading not-for-profit organizations. During these years, she also studied with Canadian philosopher and metaphysician Kenneth G. Mills, immersing herself in the high ideals of timeless wisdom.

She has written the book Releasement: Learning to Dance with Life, reflecting her own experience of combining a business career with the spiritual quest, bringing insight to the surge of interest today in integrating the formerly opposite worlds of secular and sacred practices. Today, Lucille hosts a series of forums, both online and in person, sharing the joy and practicality of philosophical attainment. For more information on the forums, you are invited to send Lucille a message via the website Contact form.