The Stumbling Spirit Podcast

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I had the privilege of being interviewed by Fabio Fernandes for his podcast series The Stumbling Spirit. This episode, called Consciousness Composition, opens up the ideas in my book Releasement: Learning to Dance with Life.

Releasement: Learning to Dance with Life

Now available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle/ebook.

Author Lucille Joseph brings a lifetime of enquiry and dedication to the high ideals of wisdom teaching ‒ pursued simultaneously with an intensive career in business and the arts ‒ to illuminate the extraordinary revolution happening in the search for meaning. Releasement traces the footsteps of her path, offering rare insight into ageless truths living today, and inviting one and all to find the releasement of learning to dance with life.

This is a portrait of a life lived traversing both the physical and the metaphysical. Through her quest, readers will discover the unfoldment of life itself.
Michele Chaban, MSW, PhD, University of Toronto
Founding Director, Applied Mindfulness Meditation Program
A soul-stirring journey that beautifully illuminates the path of spirituality and meaning in our modern world. This insightful book resonates deeply, providing invaluable guidance for navigating the depths of our spiritual potential.
Harrison Taylor
Co-founder of Othership
Lucille Joseph offers a beautifully written book, drawing out themes of universal relevance in an era of profound change. She is a spiritual innovator, finding her voice and platform for sharing spiritual wisdom with a world hungering for depth and meaning. I am excited about the ideas she explores as we collectively reimagine the future of spirituality.
Michelle Scheidt
The Fetzer Institute
This book teaches me how to live a creative life. It has reignited my commitment to the internal, and shows me how studying high teaching is practical. Reading it has rearranged my molecules, just as author Lucille Joseph found that encountering her mentor Kenneth Mills rearranged hers. This is a book I will read again and again.
Angela Blumberg
Dancer and Choreographer